Growatt Type 2 EV Charger 22kw 3 Phase 5m Cable IP65 THOR 22AS-P

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Growatt’s smart EV charger can be used in various scenarios including residential and commercial. Its capacity ranges of 7-22kW AC charger and 20/40kW DC. With the highlighted GroHome system and PV linkage charge mode that is driven by solar, charge your car with 100% renewable energy, the EV will be charged by the surplus solar power dynamically, combining PV and EV charger together to maximize the solar self-consumption rate and cut your bill.

Please note! this EV charger works optionally also with the GROWATT SMART ENERGY METER TPM where the Smart Meter measure the current flows and in case of energy export from PV system (eg. to the city) can start automatically the EV charging process over the EV charger, for best optimization of energy production and consumption (and minimize the energy export to the grid). For best performance the optimal PV system size is about 6kW (minimum) then if 2kW energy export per phase, the EV charger (can) start automatically the EV charging process with 6kW (2kW per phase). The Growatt Smart Meter TPM is connected with the THOR EV Charger with 2 lines A+B (2-way communication cable). The system can be set-up in the Growatt APP ShinePhone.

We offer full range of the GROWATT EV Charger for institutional customers, from single-phase 7 to 22kW 3-phases charger